Calendar of Events - Carnival of Venice 1996 -

Saturday 10 February

St. Mark's Square
h. 17.00/20.00
The Feast of the Noble Forest
Opening Procession :
The Serinissimo Tribunal of the Inquisitition presents :
The Mesnie Hellequin e la caccia Selvaggia
(Mr Hellequin and the Wild Hunt)
with the "Magistrati del Proprio" and
the "Ufithali", by ancient law.
Tam Tam Art, Croquessot the Courier, Fools,
The Fairy Morgana, Hellequin and Harlequin.
With "The Friends of Carnival" and
Carnivals of the World
  • Lichtenstein
    "Plunderhusier Guggamusing"
  • Otaana Mamoiada-Orotelli
    Folk Group Gavoi
  • Sardinia
    Carnival from the Grand San Bernardo Valley
  • Valle d'Aosta
    Carnival from Aprio d'Adda

    Prelude to Carnival
  • The Trial of Harlequin

    Street Performances:
  • "Die Stelzer"Germany,
  • "Mang's Masker Theather" Holland.

    Fire-eaters, acrobats and fakirs.

    Gran Ball of the Nobel Forest
    h. 18.00
    with Batisto Coco

    The Conquistador of the Golden Veil
    or in other words :
    "E piere che parla" (Piere Speaks)
    a comedy in part serious and in part funny
    written by Murian de Farina and staged by the
    "Teatrino di Cuoio del Maestro Sindoca"
    h. 20.00
  • Other Programs

    Theatre Toniolo
    "Gli scoppiati ovvero il cromosoma anarchico"
    (The Exploded - or The Anarchist Chromosome)
    with Francesca Reggiani and Pierfrancesco Locche
    Teatrino della Murata
    h. 21.00
    Il borghese immaginario
    (The Imaginary Bourgeois)
    Performed by the "Theater for Mestre" Company Players
    Querini Stampalia Foundation
    h. 17.00 e 20.30
    presented by:
    The School of Ancient Music of Venice
    "Gli opposti caratteri"
    (Opposite Characters)
    Stevlana Popovic - violin
    Paola Venturi - bassoon
    Church of S.Maria della Pietà
    h. 20.30
    "Le quattro stagioni" (The Four Seasons) by A.Vivaldi
    performed by the G.F. Malipiero Group
    La Perla Theatre
    Lido of Venice
    h. 21.00
    "La Belle Epoque"
    Costume Ball

    Galleria al Traghetto
    "Maschere Tribali" by Enrico Bay
    Palazzo Fortuny
    "Arnold Schoenberg 1874-1951"
    A Multimedia Exibition.
    La Perla Theatre, Lido of Venice
    Hugo Pratt.
    Passenger Station S.Basilio Zattere
    "Carnival Nights - Al Caldo (Indoors) 1996"
    Main Hall from 20.00
    Marittima Discoteque from 22.30
    Latin Party with "Rato da Rio"
    (Carnival Pass)
    Marittima Discoteque:
    Complete Ideas, presents
    "Venice nel Bicchiere" (Venice in a Glass)
    with the participation of the finest Cafes in Venice
    Disk Jockey and Guests
    From 24.00 live with Radio Venice Sound.
      Copyright ©Antonio De Vecchi - hosted by BP2 srl