Calendar of Events - Carnival of Venice 1996 -

Sunday 18 February

St. Mark's Square
h. 17.30
Carnival Procession
h. 16.00
Carnival Procession
h. 14.30/18.00
The Serenissimo Tribunal of the Inquisition presents
"Harlequin - Head of the Devils"
The Conquistador of the Golden Veil
"Ophaboom Theater"
h. 18.00 - Pourna Das Baul
h. 19.15 - Bad Boys Batucada
h. 20.15 - Remmy Ongala

Goldoni Theater
h. 18.00/23.00
Justin Vali
Ben Harper
Francis Bebey
Yungehen Lhamo

Passenger Station
S.Basilio Zattere

"Carnival Nights - Al Caldo (Indoors) 1996"
Main Hall from 20.00
Marittima Discoteque from 22.30
Complete Idea and
Blunotte Promotion presents:
Italian Discoteque (Station, Tunnel,
Qubo, King, Zoo)
The best DJ's and entortainors,
selection of Italian DMC
(No Carnival Pass)
Fontego delle Meravegie
Rialto Fish Market
h. 10.00/24.00
Exhibit and Market of Hand-made Artistic,
Ethnic and Ecological Items
Mediterranian Kitchen and Venetian Specialties.
Shows from 15.00
with Tam-Tam Art-Masnada, Regata+Sound System+Rialto Mio
Tragghetto at S.Sofia until midnight
Mocenigo Palace Museum
h. 16.30
"Il gondolino d'oro"
(The Golden Gondolino)
Musical selections
Mario del Monaco Asociations

Galleria al Traghetto
"Maschere Tribali" Tribal Masks
by Enrico Bay
Palazzo Fortuny
"Arnold Schoenberg 1874-1951" A Multimedia Exibition.
Theatre La Perla
Lido of Venice
Hugo Pratt.

Hotel Metropole
h. 20.30
The Magic of a Venetian Night
Other Programs
Toniolo Theater
"The Serpent Woman"
by Carlo Gozzi
directed by E.Marcucci
h. 16.00
Avogaria Theater
"A Fantasy Trial"
by G. Courteline
Avogaria Theater Company
h. 18.00
Teatrino della Murata
"Il Borghese immaginario"
(The Immaginary Bourgeois)
Mestre Theater Company
h. 17.00
La Perla Theatre
"Giallo Maionese"
Maionese Murder)
by Ferrari
h. 16.30
Musical Tavern
from 14.00/19.00
Grand Carnival Celebration
h. 21.00
Show : "Ai Musicanti"
Venetian music and singing
Municiple Casino of Venice
Entertainment by Avogaria Theater
Marco Polo Airport - SAVE
h. 11.00/16.00
Fontego delle Maravegie
h. 10.00-24.00
Rialto Fish Market
Exhibit and Market of Hand-made Artistic,
Ethnic and Ecological Items
Mediteranian Kitchen and Venetian Specialties
Show from 15.00 with
Tam Tam Art-Rasta Snob Sound System
Traghetto S.Sofia until midnight
Fondazione Querini Stampalia
h. 17.00 and 20.30
presented by the School of Antient Music of Venice
"Il diavolo a quattro ossia doppia metamorfosi"
(The Devil at Four O'clock or the Double Metamorphose)
S.Bianchi, M.Masera, R.Valdepeiras, D.Zucaro
Sala S. Leonardo
h. 21.00
Carnival under the Oaks
Dance Evening with DJ Bebo
Rialto Fish Market
h. 10.30
Children's Carnival - Rialto Mio Association
h. 14.30
Procession of Alligorical Wagons
c.d.q. Marghera Catene
Mestre - Piazza Ferretto
h. 10.00/17.30
The Carnival of Mestre and Games
Games, Contests, Shows - presented by
the "Osservatorio di Piazza Ferretto"
Fondazione Querini Stampalia
h. 20.30
"Il diavolo a quattro ossia la doppia metamorfosi"
The Devil at Four O'clock or the Double Metamorphose presented by the School of Ancient Music of Venice
Regata of Carnival
h. 10.30
from the Grand Canal to St. Mark's Basin

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