Calendar of Events - Carnival of Venice 1996 -

Tuesday 20 February

St. Mark's Square
h. 17.00

The Serenissimo Tribunal of the Inquisition presents
"Caccia ad Arlecchino"
The Hunt for Harlequin
with the Tam Tam Art
Piere Speaks

"Ophaboom Theatre"
h. 20.30
Mandate of Investigation for Harlequin
h. 21.00
Grand Closing Celebration of Carnival

Goldoni Theatre
h. 16.00
"The Golden Gondolino" Last Night
h. 20.30
"The Four Seasons" by A. Vivaldi
"Symphony for Strings and kettledrums"
by W. A. Mozart

Passenger Station
S.Basilio Zattere

"Carnival Nights - Al Caldo (Indoors) 1996"
Main Hall from 20.00
Marittima Discoteque from 22.30

Fontego delle Meravegie
Rialto Fish Market
h. 10.00/24.00
Exhibit and Market of Hand-made Artistic
Ethnic and Ecological Items
Mediteranian Kitchen and Venetian Specialties.
Exhibitions from 15.00
with Tam-Tam Art-Masnada, Regata+Sound System+Rialto Mio
Traghetto di S.Sofia until midnight

Mocenigo Palace Museumo
h. 16.30
The Golden Gondolino" Musical selection
Mario del Monaco Association
Church of S.Maria della Pietà
h. 24.00
"Concert for Ash Wednesday"
by candle light with
The Virtuosos of the Ensemble of Venice


Hotel Metropole
h. 19.30
Celebration of the Gondolieri

Gold Smith
h. 20.30
The Court of the Gondole and Costume Ball
Other Programs
Avogaria Theatre
"A Fantasy Trial"
h. 18.00
by G. Courteline
Avogaria Theatre Company Players
Teatrino della Murata
h. 21.00
"The Imaginary Bourgeois"
Theatre for Mestre Company Players
Teatro La Perla
h. 16.30
"The Shawl" by Paoletti

Musical Tavern
from 14.00/19.00
Grand Celebration of Carnival
h. 21.00
Exhibition "Ai Musicanti" with Venetian music and singing
Municiple Casino of Venice
Entertainment presented by the Avogaria Theatre
Marco Polo Airport - SAVE
h. 11.00/16.00
Fontego delle Maravegie
h. 10.00-24.00
Rialto Fish Market
Exhibit and Market of Hand-made Artistic
Ethnic and Ecological Items
Mediteranian Kitchen and Venetian Specialties
Exhibits from 15.00
with Les Tambourd Masque , Rasta Snob Sound System
Traghetto S.Sofia until midnight
Rialto Fish Market
h. 10.30
Children's Carnival Rialto Mio Association

h. 14.30
Procession of Aligorical Wagons
c.d.q. Marghera Catene

Mestre - Piazza Ferretto
h. 10.00/17.30
The Mestre Carnival and Games"
Games, Contests and performances, presented by
the "Osservatorio di Piazza Ferretto"

Galleria al Traghetto
"Maschere Tribali" Tribal Masks by Enrico Bay
Palazzo Fortuny
"Arnold Schoenberg 1874-1951" A Multimedia Exibition.

La Perla Theatre
Lido of Venice
Hugo Pratt.

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