Venetian army on XVII century

1 - Artilleryman

In the Republic of Venice who wanted to become a "bombardiere" (artilleryman) had to pass exames on engineering and mathematics. In his left hand the man has a linstock holding the burning match and a horn with priming powder in his right hand. He is carrying a bag with his artillery tools over the left shoulder. At his waistbelt there are a "centovinti" dagger (so called for the numbers engraved on the blade) and a sword. At his feet we can see a bucket filled with vinegar and grease container.
2 - Artillery Assistants

They might be common soldiers or trained craftsmen and shopkeepers. The gunner on the left is holding a swabord to wash out the barrel of this 20 pounds cannon preventing any dormant embers igniting the next charge. The other one is cleaning the shot before inserting it in the barrel. Beside the wheel there are some artillery tools and prickers in a strw bag, a barrel with gun powder, a compass and an aiming device; under the carriage some lead balls, a ladle, used to deliver a measured amount of gunpowder into the breech, and a ramrod. On the far right we can see a "mantelletto", a wooden cover that protected the gun against bad weather.

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