Photographic club "La Gondola"

This is a chosen selection of the 35 images of the historical record office of P.C. La Gondola. They will be put on show from the 15th October in Mestre (Venice), Hotel Bologna as contribution to the national "Era L'Italia", consisting in hundreds of shows organised simultaneously in Italy by the most important Italian photo-clubs, under the aegis of FIAF (Federazione Italiana Arti Fotografiche)..

Paolo Monti: Venice (1947)

Sergio del Pero: meeting in Venice (1963)
Toni del Tin: Idyll (1951)

Bruno Rosso: Snow in Venice (1951)

Showed at Metropolitan Museum N.Y.
Angelo Romano: Before the concert (1959)
Gino Bolognini:
at the ground of Venice canal (1953)

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