Mouth for the secret accusations
We proceed and get into the Room of the Council of the Ten (magistracy formed by 10 members and six counsellors presided by the Doge) and in the Room of the Compass it is visible a mouth for the secret accusations. More Room of the Three Chiefs of the Council of the Ten
  place where the accusations were opened, with ceilings of Zelotti, Veronese and Ponchino, the little Room of the Three Inquisitors of State, that dealed with the most delicate business and secret of the state. The Room of Weapons of the Council of the Ten keeps the armoury of the Doge's Palace: it was ransacked at the end of the Republic, but to till today has a great historical importance. The passage of the Major Council with a typical Venetian veranda with paintings of Domenico Tintoretto that narrate the circumstances of the battle of Lepanto, leads into Room of the Quarantia that keeps a tabernacle of the ' 400 and in the Room of the armament, where we can see what has survived of the fresco with the Heaven, work of Guariento (1365-1367), going partly burnt during the fire of 1577.