Room of the Major Council
The Room of the Major Council is the widest interior in the whole building: it was entirely reconstructed after the fire of 1577
  from Da Ponte, and here gathered the plenum of all the positions of state (about 1500 members), sometimes used for parties and banquets. Just behind the tribune where the Doge sat with his counsellors, we find the enormous fresco, the Heaven, work of Jacopo and Domenico Tintoretto, celebrating the good government of the Republic. It's important to mention the Apotheosis of Venice that is on the ceiling of Veronese in the ovals that flank it, paintings of Palma il Giovane and Jacopo Tintoretto. In the high part of the walls are painted the portraits of the doges up to Francis Venier (1554-1556), work of the Tintoretto. A black fund portrait with the inscription that reminds the ignominy , occupies the place of the Doge Marin Faliero, beheaded in 1355 after a conspiracy against the State. Nearby the Rooms of the Quarantia Civil Nuova, that was a Court of Appeal and that of the Ballot, for the votings of the Doges. A lot of paintings hung here narrate the naval battles of the Venetians (their Victory of Lepanto, 1571 of Vicentino) and it completes the series of portraits of the doges with the last one, the one of Lodovico Marin (1789-1797).