The Ducal Apartment
The Ducal apartment is at the first floor, reconstructed after the fire of 1483. We begin from the Room of the Scarlet, so call because there met the counsellors of the Doge, that dressed
  red robes, and then we get in the Room of the Maps, with the walls covered with geographical tables; we enter in the Grimani Room, once used for the private hearings adorned by the mourned Christ of Giovanni Bellini and from a fireplace carved by the Lombardo; then we pass into the Erizzo Room and into the Room of the Plasters. The Room of the Philosophers shows 12 paintings representing the philosophers that there were once and a St. Cristoforo work of Tiziano (1523-1524). More, the Rooms of the Vault, of the Corner and of the Portraits constituted the private residence of the Doge. The Room of the Squires housed guards and attendants of the Doge (paintings of Domenico Tintoretto).