Through the Door of the Paper, work of Bartholomeo Bon (fifteenth century), characterized by a winged lion to whose presence is knelt the Doge Francesco Foscari, we get in the building crossing the Foscari Arc, in Gothic style that is in front of the Staircase of the Giants with colossal
  statues of Mars and Neptune it works of Sansovino (1554); really behind the statues, took place the ceremony of crowning of the doge. Inside, on the Courtyard overlook the fa├žades that propose the same solutions of the external ones; from here we can get to the Staircase of the Censors and the Gold Staircase begun in 1549 from Sansovino and from Scarpagnino and decorated wiyh works of Tiziano Aspetti, Alessandro Vittoria, Giovan Battista Franco and Segala; it was reserved to the Magistrates and important personages passage.