Southern Side
The southern Side toward the Doge's Palace has only one portal of access to the Baptistery, and it replaces
  the two original side entries; opposite are placed two acritani pillars that were brought in Venice after 1256 the town of S. Giovanni d'Acri. In the edge toward the Door of the Paper of the Doge's Palace there is a work of probable Syriac origin dating back to the fourth century A.D in porphyry representing the Tetrarchis, for someone Diocleziano and three emperors of the end of the third century. The tradition however relates that they have been the Moors, petrified for divine punishment for having tried to steal the treasures of the Basilica. There is also a trunk of Syriac column called "stone of the proclamation" swept away by the the collapse of the bell tower in 1902, it is placed in the corner of the square; here the ordinances of the Republic were read.