Sansoviniana Library
Also called Marciana it is one of the greatest architectural masterpieces of Jacopo Sansovino; initiated in 1537 it was finished, after the death of the architect (1570),
  by Vincent Scamozzi (1583-1588). The building was in ancient time assigned to the coinage of the coins of the Venetian Republic (Mint). The median portal decorated with two big caryatids, leads to the superior spaces, wich were the ancient seat of the Library (today they are visible only in the occasion of expositions; today the reading room is made up by the inside courtyard covered by a skylight). Climbing the great staircase, whose very refined stucco works are due to Vittoria and they develop the theme of the progressive illumination along the walk of knowing, we can get in the vestibule whose ceiling houses one of the late work of Tiziano, the Wisdom (1564), symbol of supreme synthesis of the iconographic program of the staircase route. The large hall, planned by the Sansovino, is wonderful, and on its walls are put the paintings representing the philosophers, works of Veronese, Jacopo Tintoretto, Sustris and Andrea Schiavone. The ceiling frames some paintings with allegorical subject, performed between 1556 and 1557 from painters chosen by Tiziano and Sansovino. Among the whole Veronese won a gold necklace, the prize for the best paintings. Today the Library is to a large extent constituted with the donation of the Cardinal Bessarione, from donations coming from suppressed religious orders: among the most important works there is the Grimani Breviary of the end of the fifteenth century, very precious masterpiece of miniated code.