The Presbytery superelevated above the crypt is separated by the rest of the church from a magnificent iconostasis
  made in marbles polychromatic; in the center of the architrave we can admire a bronze and silver cross with the Madonna, St. John and the 12 Apostles on its sides, masterpieces of Jacobello and Pier Paolo Dalle Masegne (1396). The altar keeps the urn with the mortal remains of St.Mark: the mortal remains were found in 1811 into a stone of the crypt during some works of restoration. The ciborium with canopy is supported by 4 alabaster columns carved with episodes of the Apocryphal and canonical Gospel, between the fifth and twelfth centuries. Behind the high altar there is the gold Shovel (m. 1.40x3.48) a masterpiece of Byzantine and Venetian jewellery, begun in the tenth century and finished in 1342. An inventory made in 1796 relates that in the shovel are set 1300 pearls, 400 garnets, 300 sapphires, 300 emeralds, 90 amethysts, 75 balas, 15 rubies, 4 topazes, 2 cameos and 80 enamels. To the sides of the presbytery there are other iconostasis that precede the Chapel of S. Clemente and S. Pietro. The Madonna Nicopeia, operator of victory, is revered in the homonym chapel: it is a Byzantine work of the beginning of the twelfth century and it belongs to the loot of the fourth crusade, coming from Constantinople.