Room of the College
  On the second noble floor there are the rooms assigned to the meetingas of the highest magistracies of the state: the Seigniory, the Senate, the Council of the Ten, the Three Inquisitors. The honour antechamber is the Room of the Four Doors: it was planned by the Palladio and from Rusconi, and it is embellished with paintings of Jacopo Tintoretto and Tiziano. The Anticollegio, reconstructed by Palladio and by Scamozzi in the later '500, it is one of the most famous
rooms for the preciousness of the paintings (Veronese, Jacopo Tintoretto): it served as waiting room. The Room of the College housed the Seigniory has a carved ceiling that contains some
  paintings of Veronese and paintings of Tintoretto. In the Room of the Senate sat the senators to the presence of the Doge; the ceiling is of the end of the ' 500 with works of Domenico and Jacopo Tintoretto and Palma il Giovane.