Doge of Venice:Venice

The problem of the water-supply in Venice

The peoples who arrived on the sandbanks resorted to wells to solve the serious problem of the water-supply. The rain-water of the walls was gathered by the " pilele " after having run along the white stone stripes which can be seen also today in the small squares called " campi ". the rain water went in to the subterranean cisterns throug the " pilele ". When it rained little and water was not enough, the venetians went to take it to the Brenta river using some floatboats called " lintre ". The water lightered to Venice and thrown into the wells by buchet hygienically left much to be desired. The waterworks reached Venice only hundred years ago. It was inaugurated with a jet of water in St.Mark's square. From then on the wells in the " campi " are useless, but the beautiful engraved well-cunbs remain.

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