Doge of Venice: Venice

Early Venice

Little remains of early Venice, which was all made of wood - The early proof of this is the map called Temanza, This map was drawn by an anonymous before 1150. Temanza, while working for the Serenissima, found the map itself and by studyng it, he realized that the island of San Clemente had been named " cavana " while we know that a monastery and hospital had already been built in 1152.

By looking at the map we may understand that several rivers came through the Lagoon towards the Sea beyond the sandbank. From the 1st nucleus around Rialto the town stretched Eastwards with the district of Castello.

It was chiefly inhabited by the workers of the Arsenale.They lived in poor woodenhunts, built ships and bred fish in the small lake of San Daniele.

When Venice grew bigger and started to trade with the East, they stopped breeding fish and the lake became the dock of the " Arsenale ", where some thousands of workers prepared the Serenissima fleet. Here, at the Arsenale, the heavy cargo boats stopped in order not to ruin the town by their displacement of water.

By looking at the map we my bee say that each tribe, after its arrival in the Lagoon, settled in one or more of the nearby small islands around its own church behind which the dead were buried.

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