Doge of Venice: Venice

Which area of Venice was first inhabited ?

During their restless peregrinations the fore-fathers of the present Venetians, landed at Rivoaltum on the banks of a River which crossed the Lagoon and flowed into the sea at the present-day harbour of San Nicolò.

The first Venetians arrived there in two separate moments.

First when Pipino the Frankish King tried to seize the rich islands for his tradings and second, after a terrible sea-quake which destroyed Medoaco, situated on the outlet of the Brenta River between Malamocco and the petroleum channel ( Canale dei petroli ).

Today in Malamocco's Church there is a big picture showing Christ and the Madonna of Marina, both made of wood, which were found in the sea after the tragedy. The very picture reminds us of the sea-quake.

It was at Rialto that the maritime tribunes or the oldest captains handed over command of the city to the first Doge, Paolo Luciano Anafesto. .

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