Doge of Venice : Venice

Life in early Venice

It was from Rialto that the steets started. The were all in beaten earth and covered with rubbish, since the Venetians had the bad habit of throwing it out of the windows.

The streets used to became a real quagmire when it rained or when there were high hides. The only scavengers were the pigs which were abundantly bred because they destroyed a large quantity of rubbish by eating it.

With streets such as these, men and women used shoes with very high leels to go out on foot. Since people went round on horses, the bridges were without steps in the early centuries.

Venetian Women used usually to stay at home getting some air and sitting in the sun with the old people and children on the roof-terraces and the verandas called " liago ".

It was a serious problem for the young women to find a husband. Yearly in spring all the girls and boys met with the Patriarc on the island of Olivolo ( San Pietro di Castello) were marriages were arranged under the olive-trees. One year, during the feast-day, some pirates attempted to rape the girls and to steal their dowries, but unfortunally for them, they failed. From then on during the following feasts some big dummies called " marione " were used instead of the girls.

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