Doge of Venice : Venice

The Gondola

The Gondola is a flat-bottned boat which is used to go on shallow water. It is in 11,20 long and weighs 8 quintals, it also is inclined to the right and can do without the keel.

The oar stands on the crude made of walnut root, with a curve to turn right and left and another curve to go backword's and forwords.

Since the gondola's were also used during the winter they were covered with a cabin which in dialect was called " caponera ". In Summer they were covered with silk curtains which sheltered the ladies from the sun. Once the gondolas were painted several colours, but not they are all black. People say as a sign of mouring for Venice lost freedom. On the head of the gondola there is a ironwork called " ferro " : here six stripes recall the six districts of Venice while the laces rapresent the three gothic palaces along the Grand Canal. Behind it, the Grand Canal itself and the Giudecca are represented; over the Rialto bridge there is the Doge's hat.

Today, motorboats have repleced most of the gondola's which however are still used by tourists. The wave motion, caused by motorboats. damages the foundations of the palaces, while the Serenissima used to stop even the bigrowing-boats & sailing-boats at the " Arsenale ".

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